Weather Call

National Weather

National weather is provided by

Here’s how it works:

When you call the local number associated with a city, the system will automatically provide the weather for that locality. Following the local weather forecast, you may select weather from any other American city.

If you choose weather from another area, you will be offered the opportunity to choose the area either by using a 10-digit phone number, or by entering the 5 digit Zip Code. (US locations only).

Helpful hints:

If you don’t know the zip code, call 800-275-8777. When directed, say “more options” and then “get zip code”

If you don’t know a local phone number, call 800-344-3232 and ask for the chamber of commerce. It’s likely to be in the center of town.

The flagship toll free weather number runs without advertising. If you are a frequent user, you may be asked to dial a local number, or to subscribe for a monthly membership to help defray the costs of the toll free transport.

Details are available by calling 757-WEATHER.